Tips to Take Care of the Majestic Blue Mystique Orchids

In 2013, real blue orchids had been seen at the 11th Asian Pacific Orchid Conference held in Okinawa, Japan. These had been created with the aid of Dr. Masahiro Mii at Chiba University, Japan, the usage of a gene from the Asiatic dayflower.

Blue Mystique orchids belong to Orchidaceae family and Phalaenopsis genus, that is native to the Indian subcontinent, China, Southeast Asia, and a few areas of Australia. This genus comprises about 60 species. These plant life are immensely famous as houseplants because of their stunning blooms. Blue Mystique orchids had been introduced by means of Silver Vase at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition in 2011. These orchids were subjected to a number of criticism by way of flower breeders and horticulturists, as their shade is not a end result of hybridization. The attractive blue shade of the flora outcomes from a patented procedure related to the infusion of a particularly-formulated dye on white orchid. Moreover, the infusion system is simply restrained to the existing blooms and buds; the brand new flowers are white in coloration. Many customers complained that they were no longer privy to the fact that Blue Mystique become no longer a actual blue orchid. Thereafter, Silver Vase located a tag with the plant life stating that new blooms would be white.

Plant Information

✦ Family: Orchidaceae
✦ Genus: Phalaenopsis
✦ Cultivar: Blue Mystique
✦ Scientific name: Phalaenopsis Blue Mystique
✦ Common call: Moth orchid
✦ USDA Hardiness Zone: 6 via eleven

✦ Height: Up to a few ft
✦ Light Requirements: Bright mild/Partial coloration; Avoid direct sunlight
✦ Humidity: 50-90% humidity
✦ Soil: Well-tired
✦ Watering: Regular watering in the course of the growing season
✦ Pests: Mealybugs, slugs, snails

Tips to Take Care of Blue Mystique Orchids

Flowers from the Phalaenopsis genus are top to examine, and are smooth to care for. However, you can purchase a Blue Mystique, simplest in case you don't have an trouble with shopping for a plant that offers blue-coloured plant life initially and white plant life later. The plant life may also last up to 3 months. They would possibly bloom twice a 12 months, if one cares for the orchids nicely. The Blue Mystique orchids should be provided the identical growing conditions that you would provide any Phalaenopsis orchid. Here are some suggestions regarding the mild, soil, watering, and fertilizer necessities.

The motive why Phalaenopsis orchids make ideal houseplants is that they can thrive within the temperature range of around seventy five to 85°F (23-29°C) at some point of the day and approximately 60-65°F (15-18°C) at night. Usually, the temperature in our homes is sort of inside this range. Fluctuating temperatures or deviations from this temperature range should be averted.

Light Requirements
This is a coloration-loving plant, specially throughout summer season. It is beneficial to shield the plant from direct daylight, as that could harm the leaves and flowers. However, it does require bright, oblique mild. Excessive light can bring about fewer vegetation that would additionally be smaller. On the alternative hand, foliage this is floppy and dark green in coloration might be indicative of inadequate mild. Ideally, the leaves should be firm and medium inexperienced in coloration.

Potting Medium
Well-tired soil is some other requirement for developing the Blue Mystique orchids. The potting medium should now not flip soggy. Therefore, you can opt for mixes that drain speedy. You can choose charcoal, perlite, fir bark, sphagnum peat, and so forth. The plant also desires to be repotted if it has outgrown the pot or the potting mix has damaged down. Repotting must be accomplished throughout the spring or fall, after the flowering season. While repotting, shake off the potting mix from the roots and eliminate the decayed roots. Put a handful of the potting blend in a larger pot. Use a persist with paintings the combination in between the roots. Fill the pot with medium.

Phalaenopsis orchids do not have pseudobulbs that could help them store moisture. It will do well in 50-70% humidity. It need to be stated that the plant can even adjust to decrease humidity, if its water requirements are fulfilled. When it's miles very dry, you may use a humidifier. If you are going to hold the plant on a windowsill, you can vicinity it on a humidity tray. However, use pebbles to split the pot and tray. This is to make sure that the plant isn't always immediately positioned on water. If humidity is high, you could turn on a fan so that there is consistent movement of air.

Make certain which you are watering your Phalaenopsis Blue Mystique orchid on a regular basis throughout the growing season. Water the plant in the course of early morning hours. However, reduce the frequency of watering in the course of the winter. Make sure that the potting blend presents proper drainage. It have to be referred to that orchids are epiphytes that derive vitamins from air and moisture. When their roots are uncovered, they dry out faster. So, water the plant properly, on every occasion wanted. Before watering the plant, make certain that the potting medium is almost dry, but don't let the roots dry out completely. If the plant is located in a pot, the roots aren't uncovered to air, that is why they do not dry right away. So, don't cross on a watering spree, as that may purpose the roots to rot. Keep the leaves dry to keep away from crown rot.

During the active growing length, you could apply a balanced (20-20-20) or weak orchid fertilizer prepared through mixing 1 teaspoon in a gallon of water each week. This is ideal for orchids in a peat-based totally mix. For orchids in a bark mix, an orchid fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content (consisting of 30-10-10) may be used. During the flowering season and winter, the fertilizer can be implemented once a month. Excessive use of fertilizer need to be avoided as that could reason salt buildup, which in flip can result in slower increase and harm to the roots.

The aforementioned situations ought to be furnished to the Blue Mystique orchid for it to bloom and live healthful. Since orchids are epiphytes, a healthful root device is critical. There is one extra step which you need to perform after the blooms have fallen off. Cut the spike just above the node wherein the primary bloom regarded. This will stimulate the growth of a new spike, which might also re-loom in a few months. Do remember that the new plant life of the Blue Mystique will now not be blue, but in case you do love white Phalaenposis orchids, there might be no motive to be dissatisfied.


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